We will take a trip to some of the most unexpected places and tying together threads such as continental division, law school, Charles Darwin, supposed alien technology, and even the dinosaurs. Ian will be visiting real dinosaur bone beds, revealing the significance of how Noah’s ark was built and why its design and structure was symbolic of Jesus Christ.

The Mystery of Noah’s Flood will answer the most common questions about Noah’s flood and Noah’s ark, as well as skeptical arguments such as: How did Noah get animals from all the different continents? How did Noah build the ark? Was it really a world wide flood or was it just a local flood? How did he fit all those animals on the ark? Can you build a ship big enough just out of wood?

We will travel to places all over North America to see the evidence of Noah’s flood. And there will be recreations that reveal the wonder that this world was before the flood and the effects that that flood had on planet earth.

In the end these threads will reveal an amazing tapestry of truth, rather than fantasy…fact, rather than fiction



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Director Stephen Orsatti talks about Mystery of Noah’s Flood.



Producer Ian Juby talks about the film.



Composer Joshua Kattner sample



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